The seeds yousow Podcast


The Seeds You Sow is a high energy podcast made up of eclectic voices offering a creative yet critical perspective on social issues and events in reference to modern day Black culture. The show’s title is a metaphor used to describe the media we consume and how it affects our perception of ourselves and society. Symbolically the “seed” is information, and that information has potential to take root in the minds of listeners to bring forth thoughts and beliefs that will influence their outlook and actions. The objective of The Seeds You Sow, is to plant seeds of applied knowledge, strategic change, and unstoppable passion. Every episode, we offer a “seed of the day” where a current topic is highlighted and thoroughly discussed. We also review books, films, music, and interview local Activists, Artists, and Entrepreneurs who are planting seeds of greatness within their local communities. Tune in and take root to something that will surely nourish your mind and engage your soul!