Ayasha means  “Life” in Arabic. The meaning of my name aligns with who I am not only as a woman, but also as a Writer. Over the years of writing, producing, living, & loving, I've come to discover, a majority of my life experiences are reflected in my stories. I have taken these life experiences and translated them into my stories as a way to connect and transcend boundaries with others.From my soul-stirring adventures across the globe, heart-felt connections with friends/family, to my critical but hopeful outlook on the world, my writing embodies all the challenging and joyful experiences that life offers. I encourage you to explore this space as a way for you to think about your own journey in life and how we all are connected through the stories we share as well as receive.  As I continue my journey as a Writer, my ultimate goal for this site, is to bring inspiration, insight, and LIFE to all those I encounter; let it be in person or more importantly through my written word.

Peace & Blessings,

Ayasha J. Tripp <3


Ayasha J. Tripp

Writer. Educator. Director



Ayasha is a Bay Area native. Her roots are planted in Pittsburg and her heart beats in Oakland. She’s been a lover of storytelling in all forms(Books, Theatre, & Film) since the age of 7.

Formal Education:

  • Nanyang Technological University Singapore Communication/New Media Studies

  • San Diego State University                               B.S. Television & Film Communications

  • University of Wisconsin Madison                  M.A. Afro-American Studies Theatre/Education


  • 2017 National Black Theatre Festival: 'Readers Theatre for New Works' for her play "The Skin I'm In."
  • Listen for a Change 2017-2018 Story Teller/Host

Published works

Below are a list of Ayasha's plays. The plays are available for purchase. 

$15 dollars each or 3 for $40


A comedy/drama set in the early 90's, tells the story of two young black college students. Crystal, who is a straightforward urban young woman from Compton, CA, is placed with Shanice, a perky upbeat young woman who is from Beverly Hills, and was adopted by a white family. The two are placed as roommates and instantly clash. The play takes us on a trip down memory lane with a strong 90's vibe and an array of eclectic characters who add drama and fun to the story. The play addresses issues such as race, identity, acceptance, unity and the ongoing question of, what it takes to be black? 


A powerful drama that tells the story of Malachi, a young man dealing with life after the murder of his younger sister. Externally, he is seemingly at peace. Internally, he's masking his guilt, and medicating the pain away. As the story unfolds, we see just how impossible it is to bury our demons, and the sorrow they cause. The play addresses a myriad of social issues: Oakland's teen trafficking epidemic, conflicting religious beliefs, and the importance of healing from painful experiences. Although the play presents a variety of heavy topics, there is a light that is given as we struggle with these characters to understand what forgiveness and redemption represents. 

GOD_TYPE_1 (1).jpg

In this blend of comedy and drama, the stage is set by Amira and C.T., two college students who come together in hopes of getting others involved to fight the problems of racial and social inequalities. In the process of doing this, they realize they come from a generation of people who are quick to complain but at times, slow to take action. The play highlights historical leaders of the past such as Fred Hampton, Huey P. Newton, and Angela Davis. These students look to these historical leaders of their past for inspiration as a way to restructure their current and future situations. Generation of Dreams brings in question the effects of social media activism, the struggles and set backs of being "dream chasers", and navigating through the difficulties of trying to uplift and unite their community.